Songs From The Heart

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Songs From The Heart - A presentation of 17 songs by various people. This was recorded live and has not been electronically altered. Not a studio recording.

Song list: 1-He is Almighty God, 2-Talking With the Father, 3-God Wants to be Close to You,  4-God's Song, 5-I Just Love Being Your Child, 6-By Virtue of the New Birth,                            7-Man of the Scriptures, 8-Everybody Got Blessed, 9-Don't You, 10-Thy Word, 11-We All Got In, 12-True Worship, 13-Peace, 14-Let's Put God First, 15-I've Changed, 16-Yes I Am,              17-Rooted and Grounded

File is mp3 format - Duration 54:26 The WORD’S Christian Fellowship, Inc. requests a donation of $5.00 per teaching. You will receive an email with a link to download.

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